Award at the Book Art Competition, 2021

Knygos meno konkursas 2021
Kongrevas ant minkšto viršelio
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Apdaila minkstas virselis KOPA
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“The album ‘Kaunas from the Perspective of Stanislovas Lukošius - A Walk Around the Lost City’ received an award at the Book Art Competition, 2021”

We are very glad that good traditions do not fade. This year, artists and illustrators, as well as printing and publishing specialists of the most professionally designed books, were evaluated and awarded for the 30th time at the “Book Art Competition”, organised by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania.

126 books published in 2021 were presented for evaluation. They were judged on printing and publishing techniques and on various artistic criteria, such as the quality and typographical properties, the typesetting, the quality of the printing and binding, the selection of paper and binding materials, the choice of graphics and illustrations, the uniqueness and appropriateness of the concept, the quality of the design and the artistic entirety of the book.

The album “Kaunas from the Perspective of Stanislovas Lukošius - A Walk Around the Lost City”, from KOPA printing house was among the 21 books and publications that received an award.

This publication is devoted to historical photographs of Kaunas Old Town and New Town taken by photographer Stanislovas Lukošius (1906–1997), who captured the city’s now radically altered surroundings: old buildings and districts that have given way to new constructions, street connections, squares and stairs. Some of the buildings were reconstructed or restored to the point where they became unrecognisable, while others were forgotten after their purpose was changed. The album also showed a gradual change in some parts of locations by showing demolition works or a site after reconstruction next to the previous view.

The main idea of the publication is to walk around the parts of Kaunas that no longer exist. The album will astound those who enjoy traditional manuals or guides presenting cultural heritage landmarks that have survived to the present day. They won’t look at these places the same way after reading the book because the images will remind them of how everything looked before. The reader will be gradually introduced to the old Kaunas, moving from one district and street to the next.

Publisher: Kaunas City Museum
Compiled by: Dr Inga Puidokienė
Designer: Ona Bričkutė
Printing house: “KOPA” Joint Stock Company of Design and Publishing

Paper used for the publication:
Pages – Munken Polar Rough 150 g/m2
Cover – Munken Polar Rough 300 g/m2

Perfect bound paperback with a cover flap.


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