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Spaustuvė KOPA
Spaustuvė KOPA

  “The new identity of the printing house – is it easy to make changes?”

Last year was really significant for our printing house. Retaining the best experience of almost 30 years, we presented one of the most important events in the history of the printing house – our renewed brand. 

It took 15 months full of ideas, discussions and, of course, action from the decision to change to making the idea a reality. We knew and believed that the idea of a new brand had to be based on partnership; thus, customers, relationships and shared ideas became the key part of the new identity. We needed to give this idea a graphic embodiment – the team at Andstudio design studio helped to develop and implement the idea. Without this team the result of the project would not have been the same. 

In a short interview with Augustinas Paukšte, Creative Director of Andstudio, we will learn how diverse and structured the brand creation process is, which requires not only creativity but, conversely, rational and thought-through actions, and we will take a closer look at identity creation through the eyes of a workshop professional.

Kopa: How is it possible to stand out from today’s multitude of brands and logos?
Andstudio: Even without a logo or identity, the Kopa brand stands out from the competition in its approach to business, quality of service, internal culture and other progressive aspects. All of this already helps to shape the brand, while the task of visual identity is to display it visually.

Kopa: Why is it important to renew a long-standing brand in the market?
Andstudio: The Kopa brand was created back in 1991 and since then, the organisation has undergone a number of transformations and changes. Unfortunately, the old brand did not reflect the current progress, so change was needed. With the new identity and form, we attempted not only to communicate the values and strengths we represent, but also to express decisions according to Kopa’s future direction. 

Kopa: What elements are important for a good brand?
Andsudio: Integrity, a clear value base and a strategy for the future are essential. Kopa already had all these elements, so our goal was to translate it into the language of images.

Kopa: What inspired the new Kopa brand? What does the new Kopa brand say or what is it about?
Andstudio: The main inspiration came from Kopa’s approach and work with our customers. We wanted to express the organisation’s approach to partners. Customers occupy a special place in the company. Attention, relationship, partnership, ability to listen – all these elements put the customer of Kopa printing house first. Therefore, we leave a very important space in the logo for the partners. We develop the same story throughout our identity, leaving room for customers’ brands and their personalities.

Kopa: How did the idea generation process go?
Andstudio: The process of generating ideas starts with listening. We started by inviting the Kopa team for a dialogue. During the workshop, we clarified the company’s values, unique features of the work process and strategic future aspirations. We did market research and a review of our competitors, followed by a refinement of ideas and concepts, and finally the design for a logo and identity. This process is long and requires committed involvement.

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Spaustuvės KOPA identitetasSpaustuvės KOPA identitetasSpaustuvės KOPA identitetasSpaustuvės KOPA identitetas